Reid Monroe-Sheridan has experience across a broad range of corporate and commercial matters, including many international transactions with one or more Japanese parties. Below is a representative list of matters in which Reid has been involved. This list is not exhaustive.

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International Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Represented an educational technology business in its crossborder acquisition of a SaaS startup
  • Represented a public Japanese information technology company in connection with its purchase of a U.S. company in the same industry
  • Represented a Japanese private equity sponsor in connection with its purchase of an overseas business in the education industry
  • Represented a U.S. private equity sponsor in connection with an investment in an overseas online photo platform

International Commercial Transactions

  • Represented a public U.S. information technology company in connection with a license and distribution arrangement with a Japanese counterparty
  • Represented a U.S. technology company in connection with a core technology license agreement with one of the largest Japanese players in the industry
  • Represented a Japanese company in connection with overseas franchise and information technology licensing
  • Represented a Japanese company in franchise negotiations with one of the industry’s largest players (a U.S. company)

Investments, Fundraising & Capital Markets

  • Represented multiple public Japanese companies in connection with venture investments in U.S. companies
  • Represented a Silicon Valley-based investment fund in multiple venture investment transactions
  • Represented a public Japanese company in connection with its investment in a U.S. venture capital fund
  • Advised a Japanese venture capital fund in connection with its investment in a U.S. venture capital fund
  • Represented a U.S. technology startup with Japan-based management in raising seed funding
  • Advised American and Japanese companies and investment banks in a wide variety of securities transactions, including:
    • Initial public offerings
    • Investment grade and high-yield debt issuances (including senior, subordinated, secured and unsecured debt)
    • Other registered and unregistered equity issuances

International Negotiation Strategy

  • Provided ongoing advice to a U.S. technology startup on its discussions with multiple Japanese clients
  • Provided ongoing advice to a U.S. luxury products manufacturer on its negotiations with its exclusive Japanese distributor
  • Provided ongoing advice on negotiation strategy to a large Japanese technology manufacturer in connection with an international commercial transaction
  • Advised a U.S. cosmetics company in its negotiations with Japanese manufacturers

General Corporate Law and Other Projects

  • Advised a multinational Japanese public company on changes to its compliance processes
  • Represented several Japanese companies in connection with the establishment of overseas subsidiaries and/or management of local counsel across various jurisdictions
  • Advised a Japanese company in developing a corporate governance framework for its overseas subsidiaries
  • Advised a Japanese company on incentive compensation for executives in the U.S. technology industry

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