New Article on Blockchain-based Payment Commitments Published in Stanford’s CodeX

Reid Monroe-Sheridan and Rebecca Liao co-authored a whitepaper, “Primer on the DLPC: A Standard for Payment Commitments on the Blockchain,” published by CodeX: The Center for Legal Informatics Stanford University. The article provides an overview of the Distributed Ledger Payment Commitment, or DLPC. The DLPC is a standardized blockchain-based payment…

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Monroe-Sheridan Foreign Law Office Advises Mizuho Bank in Connection with Distributed Ledger Payment Commitments

Monroe-Sheridan Foreign Law Office advised Mizuho Bank in connection with the use of blockchain-based distributed ledger payment commitments in certain metal commodities transactions, which were publicly announced on August 24, 2021. The press release announcing the transactions is available here: From the press release: Metal commodities worth around $43…

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Monroe-Sheridan Foreign Law Office Represents Reborna Biosciences in Research Collaboration with Biogen

Reborna Biosciences Research Collaboration Press Release

Monroe-Sheridan Foreign Law Office represented Reborna Biosciences, Inc. in its research collaboration with Biogen Inc. The research collaboration was publicly announced on April 30, 2021. The press release announcing the research collaboration is available here: From the press release: “Biogen is a leading company in the field of neurological…

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New Article on Risks and Strategies for Japanese Investors in Financially Troubled Startups

New Business Law 1170 Article

Reid Monroe-Sheridan contributed an article, “Legal Risks and Mitigation Strategies Relating to Insolvent American Startups” in the May 15, 2020 edition of New Business Law. The article describes typical measures that startups take to address insolvency, certain key risks that these measures may raise for Japanese investors and commercial counterparties,…

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A New Perspective on Japanese Corporate Governance

Article on Japanese Corporate Governance in the Washington International Law Journal

In April, Reid Monroe-Sheridan published “Substance Overload: A Comparative Examination of Japanese Corporate Governance Law Through the Lens of the Daiwa Bank Case” in the Washington International Law Journal. The article presents a critical examination of certain key principles of Japanese corporate governance law in light of contemplated reforms in Japan and analogous…

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