New Article on Risks and Strategies for Japanese Investors in Financially Troubled Startups

New Business Law 1170 Article

Reid Monroe-Sheridan contributed an article, “Legal Risks and Mitigation Strategies Relating to Insolvent American Startups” in the May 15, 2020 edition of New Business Law. The article describes typical measures that startups take to address insolvency, certain key risks that these measures may raise for Japanese investors and commercial counterparties, and various methods of mitigating those key risks.

The article is available (in Japanese) on the New Business Law website.

Title: Legal Risks and Mitigation Strategies Relating to Insolvent Startups
Publication: New Business Law
Volume and date: Vol. 1170, May 15, 2020
Pages: 20-25

New Business Law is a biweekly publication of Shoji Homu, one of Japan’s premier publishers on topics of corporate, commercial and general business law.

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