Startup Law Seminar for Entrepreneurs in Tokyo

Legal Concepts for Entrepreneurs Seminar at Tokyo Academics

Reid Monroe-Sheridan presenting at Tokyo Academics

On May 14, Reid Monroe-Sheridan, Anri Okamoto and Neil Nguyen provided a startup law and operations seminar for entrepreneurs in Tokyo.

Anri Okamoto is in-house counsel for Mercari Inc. and Neil Nguyen is the founder and CEO of Tokyo Academics. The theme of the seminar was an introduction to legal and operational concepts relevant to entrepreneurs in Tokyo. Reid and Anri discussed different legal entities in Japan and the U.S., the process of forming  U.S. company while living in Japan, corporate governance for startups, employment law and employee compensation, and basic seed funding concepts. Neil discussed various operational aspects of his experience running a fast-growing educational business as an American in Tokyo.

The seminar audience

The seminar audience

The seminar was held at the office of Tokyo Academics in Nishi Azabu and was attended by a mix of foreign and Japanese young professionals and students in Tokyo.

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